Healthy eating

We all know how important it is to eat a balanced diet, especially for the growth and development of our children. We provide healthy, home-cooked meals for all our Ladybirds, using fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure they are receiving all the essential nutrients to fuel them as they learn.

Sometimes we even get to enjoy our very own Ladybird Lane produce which we grow in our garden. Knowing we planted the seeds and tended to the plants ourselves makes meal times extra special!


Our menu is varied and wholesome and includes provision for vegetarian and other dietary requirements. Breakfast is available for children who arrive before 8.30am.

A mid-morning snack, two-course lunch and high tea will be provided each day. The full day and morning session includes breakfast, mid-morning snack (if your child arrives before 8.30am) and lunch. The afternoon session includes tea and snack between 5-5.30pm.

Our cook Jola prepares fresh meals, cooked on the premises daily, and bearing in mind the Government’s concerns about young people’s health and eating habits, we are very proud of this.

Ladybird Lane Lunch Menu 2019
Ladybird Lane Tea Menu 2019


In order to promote and nurture the children’s understanding of healthy eating we introduced a fruit basket several years ago and it has been a huge success. The children bring in a piece of fruit every week to share with their friends. However, this is not obligatory.

Every day at circle time we discuss the contents of the fruit basket which provides many learning opportunities e.g. sorting and categorising the fruits according to type, size or colour and many counting opportunities (maths); sharing the fruit with their friends and taking turns to talk about and handle the fruit (social skills); learning the names of more unusual fruit and discussing the textures of the skin; introducing words such as smooth, furry, bumpy, hard, soft, heavy and light to increase their vocabulary and develop their ability to participate in conversations and express themselves with confidence, when they are ready to participate (communication and language); discussing how and where the fruit grow, questioning and exploring whether they have seeds, pips or stones in them; experimenting to see whether we can grow them ourselves using the seeds, stones etc. and questioning what happens when we cook the fruit (understanding of the world – science). We have a special song ‘What’s in the fruit bowl’ which the children love to sing.

Some children like to choose their piece of fruit when they are out shopping with their parents whilst others choose something out of the family fruit bowl. Sometimes parents take advantage of ‘two for the price of one’ offers and bring in a melon or punnet of strawberries if they are surplus to their requirements. This is an activity that includes the entire nursery and which embraces the differing abilities and learning styles of all the children. It is much enjoyed by our staff team (who also bring in fruit every week… much to the delight of the children) and any visitors including Ofsted when they come to inspect us!  If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this initiative please speak to one of the team.

 “Children enjoy healthy snacks of fresh fruit and home cooked meals, such as Shepherd’s pie. They develop their independence by helping to set the tables before lunch and serving themselves to second helpings from the serving dish at lunchtime.” Ofsted report 2009

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