Fees are paid in advance and are worked out per calendar month (pcm) at the following rates:

Per month (£) With EEE (£) 15 hours With EEE (£) 30 hours Deposit (£)
Full time 1166.61 948.11 729.61 600.00
4 days 988.18 769.68 551.18 500.00
3½ days 905.83  687.33 468.83 450.00
3 days 741.14  522.64 304.14 370.00
2½ days 658.79  440.29 221.79 330.00
2 days 494.09  275.59 103.09** 250.00

Daily rate for full time (£) 53.84

Daily rate for four days or less (£) 57.01

**No chargeable hours- service and administration charge only


Per month (£) With EEE(£) 15 hours With EEE(£) 30 hours Deposit (£)
5 sessions 823.49 604.99 386.49 410.00
4 sessions 658.79 440.29 267.79 330.00
3 sessions 494.09 362.99 200.84 250.00

Daily rate for sessions (£) 38.01

EEE – Early Education Entitlement – this is funding given to parents towards childcare fees the term AFTER a child reaches their 3rd  birthday. The additional 15hours is dependant on your eligibility. For further information please visit

www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-cost/free-childcare www.childcarechoice.gov.uk

For more information on ELE 2 year old funding  please give us a call.

NB.  Late payments will incur a fee of £20 per invoice

 A mid-morning snack, two-course lunch and high tea will be provided every day.  The full day and morning session includes lunch.  The afternoon session includes tea.

To register your interest, please complete the registration form giving the desired starting date and return it with either a two week deposit, which is fully refundable when you leave providing you give one months notice, or (if you are securing a place in advance), a non-refundable booking fee of £50.00; Deposits must be paid when a date for commencement is confirmed.

For children starting after the first of the month and leaving before the end of the month, all fees will be calculated on a daily rate.

On acceptance of an offered place, a two weeks deposit will be required.  Should you no longer require a nursery place, one month’s written notice must be given.  If insufficient notice is given, the deposit will not be refundable.

All fees are payable in full (including Bank Holidays) regardless of a child’s absence due to sickness or family holidays. We close over the Christmas period but this is taken into account and a reduction has been spread across the twelve monthly payments.  This year (2017) we close on Friday 22nd Dec at 1pm will re-open on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

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