Healthy eating

We all know how important it is to eat a balanced diet, especially for the growth and development of our children. We provide healthy, home-cooked meals for all our Ladybirds, using fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure they are receiving all the essential nutrients to fuel them as they learn.

Sometimes we even get to enjoy our very own Ladybird Lane produce which we grow in our garden. Knowing we planted the seeds and tended to the plants ourselves makes meal times extra special! We also ask each Ladybird to bring in one piece of fruit a week which they can share with their friends, we have great fun seeing what’s in the fruit bowl every day.

If a child has any special dietary requirements or allergies we will always ensure that these needs are met and will discuss arrangements with their parents when needed.

Typical Lunch Menu

Typical Tea Menu

 “Children enjoy healthy snacks of fresh fruit and home cooked meals, such as Shepherd’s pie. They develop their independence by helping to set the tables before lunch and serving themselves to second helpings from the serving dish at lunchtime.” Ofsted report 2009

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