The team

Jo Short:
As the Proprietor/Manager of Ladybird Lane, and a mother myself, I take the responsibility of looking after young children very seriously indeed.  I strive to provide staff of the highest calibre and believe that I usually succeed in this aim.  We work very hard to provide an environment that is fun, stimulating, flexible, organised and calm.

Every member of staff attends regular on-going training to aid their professional development.  This is a requisite of their employment and is listed in their job description.  All staff recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents; we value, and actively seek, the contributions parents make towards the care and education of their child.

“Leaders are inspirational and passionate and this culture is embedded throughout the nursery.” Ofsted report 2018

“Staff are highly responsive to children’s needs, and have high expectations of what they can achieve.” Ofsted report 2018

“Staff have an excellent understanding of their responsibilities to safeguard children. Safeguarding is effective.” Ofsted report 2018

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