Alina Maftei

Early Years Teacher (QTS)

Alina joined Ladybird Lane in 2019 as an Early Years Practitioner and holds a BA in Early Years Education and an NVQ level 3 in childcare; she has a current First Aid Certificate, a good knowledge of Child Protections and speaks fluent English and Romanian.  Alina left Ladybird Lane in September 2020 to complete her PGCE teaching degree and returned the following year as our Early Years Teacher (QTS). She leads planning meetings  and is responsible for the planning and implementation of age-appropriate activities for all the children in accordance with the practice guidance set out in the EYFS, and in consultation with the management and staff teams.

Alina works with several small pre-school groups (3-5 year olds) to extend their learning across all areas of the curriculum and is always mindful of their differing abilities and the pace at which they learn; the degree of learning may differ significantly between a summer born and autumn born child, or a child who may have an additional need, and this is always taken into account during planning so that we offer a differentiated curriculum that is inclusive for all.  Alina continues with the development of their social skills to prepare them for making new friendships and follow new routines with confidence when they leave to go to school.  She organises meetings with parents to update them on their child’s progress at least once in the academic year (more often if required by us and/or requested by parents/carers). Alina has up to 16 children in her key group.

Alina is also responsible for updating our ‘closed’ Facebook page on a weekly basis using photographs and written descriptions (provided by the children’s key practitioners) to highlight many of the focused learning opportunities the children have accessed during the week.