Welcome to Ladybird
Lane Nursery
Welcome to Ladybird Lane Nursery

Learning through play

At Ladybird Lane we strive to provide a welcoming, happy and safe environment for up to 30 children aged between 2-5.  The nursery hall is bright and spacious and we have a large outdoor space with grass, trees, growing area (the children grow tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries peas, green beans, potatoes, herbs and a range of flowers to attract insects and bugs) plus a large area for the children to ride bikes and scoot freely without bumping into one another. We endeavour to nurture the children’s long-term social and emotional development, boost their well-being and resilience, and help to build independence and character.  Our high ratios help to provide consistent, warm and responsive care and to develop positive relationships with peers and other adults in the setting.

“We would love our children to live in sun filled days, with never a cloud in the sky. But life isn’t like that. The rainy days will come. Instead of teaching them to wait for the sunny weather, we need to prepare them to face into the wind, knowing that they can survive the storm.”

-Dr Mary O’Kane (Perfect Imperfect Parenting)


Our parents feedback

Thank you for creating the very best of settings that I could have wished of for Aston to start his journey on growing and learning in. I will be forever grateful to have found Ladybird Lane.

Aston’s Mum

We all have that one favourite teacher who has a huge impact on our lives, Roy has a team.

Roy’s Mum

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A day at Ladybird Lane

Outstanding OFSTED

Children are at the centre of everything the provision does. The environment is inviting and warm and relationships across the nursery are exceptionally strong.”

“Leaders are inspriational and passionate and this culture is inbedded throughout the nursery.”